Doctoral research (PhD) programmes


The PhD program in Neuroscience is an interdepartmental, multisite enterprise based at the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milano-Bicocca. Its mission is to provide an environment of excellence for training in research based on the coexistence and cooperation of Italian and International Universities, Hospital-based research centers, Pharmaceutical Industry with a strong vocation to innovation and a European research center with unique opportunities in the field of X-ray imaging and irradiation.

The mutual interaction between researchers and clinicians, working in academic and in industrial reality and belonging to all the areas of the “world of Neuroscience”, the strong commitment to international collaboration and the development of joint research programs allowing a period of study/research in partner laboratories distributed in the most prestigious foreign universities are cornerstones of the program.

Public Health

The PhD course in Public Health combines different skills acquired by the teaching staff over the years within the University of Milan-Bicocca in the field of medical statistics, epidemiology, public health and clinical research in the broad sense. Its main objective is to prepare, through training and multidisciplinary research, professional figures who are able to contribute to the development of public health and medical research, especially in the field of observational epidemiological studies and intervention trials. Particular care will be devoted to curricula addressing application of publich health technologies in industrial fields.

Translational and Molecular Medicine – DIMET

The PhD in Translational and Molecular Medicine (DIMET) is an inter-departmental program aimed at promoting the translation of basic and applied research into clinical settings. 

The cultural challenge of the post-genomic era relies on the understanding of the cellular and molecular mechanisms at the basis of human diseases in order to design new therapeutic strategies. This goal requires professional profiles with a robust background in basic research, but also equipped to bridge the gap between laboratory and clinical investigation. Dimet addresses the increasing demand of such new models of innovative inter-sectorial training programs in Biomedicine, in line with the EU Horizon 2020 Program.

Career prospect

Dimet builds “translational” professional profiles with a robust background in basic research and the capacity of rapidly transferring new knowledge from basic sciences to bio-medicine, in order to generate new advanced diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Therefore, research in public or private sector, in biotechnology enterprises, private/public agencies working at the interface between basic research and healthcare represent possible career opportunities.