Single-cycle degree programmes

Medicine and Surgery (Italian)

The Single Cycle Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery intends to provide solid cultural and methodological preparation in biomedical and psychosocial disciplines, with the aim of encouraging the development of professional skills and values.

The central pillar of the course is the importance of both curing illness and taking care of human beings - this will allow graduates of the Medicine and Surgery course to gain a multi-discipline, inter-professional, integrated outlook on some of the most common problems in terms of health and disease and a focus on disease prevention and the promotion of good health in communities and local areas.
medicina e chirurgia
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School of Medicine and Surgery (taught in English) - SMS in collaboration with University of Bergamo, University of Surrey (UK) & Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital

Uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of tomorrow's health care professionals, University of Milano-Bicocca’s School of Medicine and Surgery (SMS) is a Master degree program in partnership with University of Surrey (UK), University of Bergamo and the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital that endeavors to prepare graduating physicians forleadership positions in the health care sector.

Based in Bergamo, the program has a revolutionary new medical curriculum integrating a rigorous program of basic science education with intensive clinical mentoring right from second year onwards. The program offers a multidisciplinary and inter-professional educational experience fostering an integration of knowledge and skills, open-mindedness, scientific and critical thinking, caring attitude, and a holistic approach to health care needs.

Medicine and surgery
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Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics

The Single Cycle Master’s Degree in Dentistry aims to provide a solid cultural and methodological preparation in the dental disciplines that will allow graduates to quickly enter the world of work expressing full mastery in the treatment of dental diseases thanks to the extensive professional background acquired in the last three years of the course, spent in contact with patients belonging to the Dental Clinic. Graduates in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics will also be able at the end of the curriculum to interact with colleagues in other medical-surgical disciplines in the treatment of patients with systemic problems. The specific curricular path also guarantees the training of the graduate to start an autonomous professional activity right from the outset in the world of work.

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