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Incoming students of every course of study (except Biotechnology in Medicine and Medicine and Surgery -English teaching) must acquire ECTs related to the knowledge of the English language before taking the exams of the second year, as per resolution of the Academic Senate of 3/7/2006:
 Bachelor’s degree: B1 level or higher
 Single cycle Master or Master degree: B2 level or higher 

Students enrolled in the second year of the Single cycle Master degree in Medicine and Surgery and in Dentistry must also take a test of Biomedical English.

Training online course in BIOMEDICAL ENGLISH is available here: DEAGOSTINI LEARNING (also available on mobiles). 
In order to be able to access the course are necessary: 
Username or Email: account
Password: ID number

In order to be admitted to the Biomedical English test, the student must have attended at least 70% of the course with reasonable temporal congruence. Attendance is measured at 00.01 a.m. on the second day before the test.

For BIOMEDICAL ENGLISH test, students must enrol on ESSE3 as for any other examination of the course of study.

BIOMEDICAL ENGLISH test is at MONZA linguistic laboratory LAB 1811 Ed U18. You are required to bring your ID badge. 

Online courses are available for French, Spanish, Chinese and other rare languages in addition to Italian for Foreign students:
Any student can use it:
to improve their language skills
to get Open Badge : Bbetween Languages
to acquire optional ECTS after passing the corresponding examination according to their study plan.

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