Orientation committee

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The Orientation Committee of the Department of Medicine and Surgery is composed of the representatives of the degree courses in the health sector and the person responsible for PTCO activities.

President  Maria Grazia Strepparava

Delegates in the University Orientation Commission

Mariagrazia Strepparava             

Laura Rizzi

Marco Bani                                       

Single-Cycle Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery (IT)

Mariagrazia Strepparava              mariagrazia.strepparava@unimib.it

Laura Rizzi                                   laura.rizzi@unimib.it

Single-Cycle Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery (EN)

Mariagrazia Strepparava              mariagrazia.strepparava@unimib.it

Marco Bani                                   marco.bani1@unimib.it

Single-Cycle Degree Course in Dentistry

Marcello Maddalone                     marcello.maddalone@unimib.it

Luca Mirabelli                               luca.mirabelli@unimib.it

Bachelor’s Degree in Midwifery

Virna Franca Zobbi                        virna.zobbi@unimib.it

Antonella Nespoli                          antonella.nespoli@unimib.it

Bachelor’s Degree in Childhood neuro and psycomotricity

Chiara Ricci                                    chiara.ricci@unimib.it

Luca Tagliabue                               luca.tagliabue@unimib.it 

Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene

Cristina Panzeri                              mariacristina.panzeri@unimib.it

Master’s Degree in Biotechnology in Medicine

Cristina Bianchi                              cristina.bianchi@unimib.it

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Master’s Degree in Nursing and Midwifery Sciences

Stefania Negri                                stefania.negri@unimib.it

Valentina Spedale                           valentina.spedale@unimib.it    

Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy

Carlo Lanzarini                               carlo.lanzarini@unimib.it

Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Laboratory techniques

Vincenzo L'Imperio                         vincenzo.limperio@unimib.it

Bachelor’s Degree in Imaging and Radiotherapy techniques

Simona Becchio                               radiobicocca@unimib.it

Claudio Landoni                              claudio.landoni@unimib.it

Pathways for transversal skills and orientation (PTCO)

Francesca Raimondo                        francesca.raimondo@unimib.it

Chairman Joint Commission

Antonio Torsello                              antonio.torsello@unimib.it

Pedagogical area expert

Raffaele Mantegazza                        raffaele.mantegazza@unimib.it