Where we are


How to get here 

Our Location

The Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milano-Bicocca is in the north-eastern quadrant of the city of Monza.

Building U8

Via Cadore,48 20900 – Monza 
Reception: +39 (0)2 6448 8099

Building U18
Via Podgora
20854 - Vedano al Lambro
Reception: +39 (0)2 6448 8399

Building U38 - Villa Serena
Via Pergolesi, 33
20900 - Monza

Building U58 - Ospedale Vecchio
Via Solferino, 16
20900 - Monza

Building U28 Research Labs

Via Follereau 3,
20854 Vedano al Lambro MB

Getting around the campus: Shuttle bus for Monza 

The University offers a free shuttle bus service to its students and employees to help them get around the University Campus.

Shuttle bus route MILAN - MONZA AND MONZA FS - MONZA U8

In order to use the shuttle bus, you’ll need to have your identification badge, which is given to students during registration and to employees during the hiring process. You must show the badge to the driver to prove that you are entitled to ride on the bus.

By car

Parking facilities are available for students in Via Cadore and parking spaces for personnel at Buildings U8, U18 e U28.

Tool parking is located between the buildings U8 e U18, via Raul Follereau, Vedano al Lambro, 20854
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