26 ottobre 2021

Invited Research Seminar with Dr. Andrea Ganna - "Using Finnish big data to understand the genetic and epidemiology of common diseases"

Seminario in Streaming Online e in Presenza (max 84 posti)


Martedì, 26 Ottobre 2021, ore 14

Edificio U8, Aula 5

Meeting link https://unimib.webex.com/unimib/j.php?MTID=mf4d632df86da37ffa8cd8ec3fede73bf

Meeting number 2671 258 8656

Password Seminario (73646274 from phones)

Il Dr. Andrea Ganna sarà ospite del Prof. Pietro Invernizzi e Dr. Alessio Gerussi.
L’evento sarà trasmesso in streaming e si terrà in presenza fino ad un max di 84 posti.

About the Seminar

"Using Finnish big data to understand the genetic and epidemiology of common diseases"

Dr. Andrea Ganna

Andrea Ganna and his research group are interested in finding new ways to early identify common preventable diseases. To do that they develop statistical and deep learning approaches and apply them to millions of health information from electronic health record/national health registries. They then integrate registry-based information with genetic information from large biobank-based studies to help identify groups of individuals that can most benefit from existing pharmacological interventions. Finally, they aim to implement these approaches in the clinic and evaluate their cost-effectiveness. They are also interested in using trans-national Scandinavian registries to ask basic questions about human nature/nurture and evolution. For example, they are interested in understanding which disease are currently under strongest selection and if they can see the impact of selection within large-scale genetic data.

About the Guest

Andrea Ganna

Andrea is an EMBL-group leader at FIMM and an instructor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Previously he did his post-doc at the Analytical and Translation Genetic Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School/Broad Institute and his PhD at Karolinska Institute. 

His research interests lie on the intersection between epidemiology, genetics and statistics. Andrea  has authored and co-authored both methodological and applied papers focused on leveraging large scale epidemiological datasets to identify novel socio-demographic, metabolic and genetic markers of common complex diseases.

He has extensive expertise in statistical genetics and has been working with large-scale exome and genome sequencing data, focusing on ultra-rare variants in coding and non-coding regions.

His research vision is to integrate genetic data and information from electronic health record/national health registries to enhance early detection of common diseases and public health interventions.