12 febbraio 2019

Invited Research Meeting - Prof. Dario Anselmetti: From artificial nanomembranes to carbon nanofluidics: structure, permeation and transport

Martedi 12 febbraio 2019, Ore 12:00
Edificio U18-Aula 8, Via Raoul Follereau Vedano al Lambro, Monza

Il professore Dario Anselmetti, Professore in Biofisica Sperimentale e Nanoscienze Applicate al Bielefeld Institute for Nano Science (BINAS)
Bielefeld University sarà ospite del dottor Domenico Salerno.

La partecipazione al seminario è aperta a tutti gli interessati.


Nanomembranes are extremely thin (<5–10 nm), synthetic two-dimensional (2D) layers or sheets with tailored physical, chemical, or biological functions. 
Similar to biological membranes they interface, separate and link different environments (microcompartments) through their distinct physical and chemical properties, which depend on their thickness, molecular composition, and nanostructure and the environment on either side.
In my presentation, I will summarize exemplified experiments from our labs that focus on the physical structure formation of nanomembranes well as associated transport properties of ions, small molecules like water and large biomolecules like DNA or proteins through them.