23 febbraio 2018

Bernhard Sabel: Improving vision loss with non-invasive brain electric stimulation and meditation

Bernhard Sabel

Professor Sabel is the world’s leading authority on and practioner of vision restoration techniques; he is the main author of hundreds of medical scientific papers focused on vision restoration and related topics. Starting in the early 1990’s, his research pioneers the field of vision recovery after visual system disorder.

He argues that – against the current dogma that vision loss is irreversible – much can be done to improve vision after damage of the optic nerve or brain after diseases such as glaucoma, optic neuropathy and brain stroke and trauma. Recently, he established new knowledge about effects and mechanisms of current stimulation on the eye and brain.

His work challenges the dogma that “blind stays blind” and lays the basis for a more optimistic future of patients with vision loss.

The seminar is focused on a novel and holistic view of how to activate residual vision by means of enhancing eye and brain function be modulating plasticity and reorganization functional connectivity networks to synchronize the brain -by means of non-invasive brain electrical stimulation- and reducing stress-induced vascular dysregulation with mindfulness meditation.