The Department Council is made up of:

  •  tenured professors and assistant professors belonging to the Department;
  •  the administrative representative;
  •  a representation of the technical and administrative staff;
  •  a representation of students enrolled in PhD courses belonging to the Department;
  •  a representation of holders of research fellowships operating at the Department;
  •  a representation of persons enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree courses belonging to the Department.
Giunta di Dipartimento

The Council assists the Director in fulfilling his/her duties and carries out the tasks set out in the Department Regulations.
The following are members of the Council:

  • the Director, who convenes and chairs it,
  • the Vice-Director,
  • the professors belonging to the Department who chair the Teaching Coordination Councils,
  • the Coordinators of the Department’s degree courses,
  • from three to six representatives of tenured professors and assistant professors,
  • a representative of the technical and administrative staff, where present
  • the Department's administrative representative.

The Council of the School of Medicine and Surgery for the three-year period

from 1 May 2022 until 30 April 2025, it is made up as follows:

Representatives of full professors and associate professors

Prof. CITERIO Giuseppe

Prof. RIVA Michele Augusto

Representatives of assistant professors

Dr. BANI Marco

Dr. CAROZZI Valentina Alda

Dr. COCO Silvia

Dr. NESPOLI Antonella

Representative of the technical-scientific and health and social care staff

Dr. SESANA Maria Silvia

The Medicine and Surgery Services Centre performs several functions:

  • it collaborates with the Area Manager in the preparation of the provisional budget required by current laws and regulations.
  • it supports the Director in the preparation of the annual and multi-year budget proposal.
  • it is responsible for recording all the economic transactions of the Services Centre.
  • it coordinates and plans procurement management activities.
  • it coordinates the activities related to the management of research projects.
  • it supervises the Movable Assets.

Click here to view the structure of the offices and the staff referents: Medicine and Surgery Services Centre

The Teaching Coordination Council (CCD) supervises the management of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses belonging to the Department and is made up of tenured professors, assistant professors and short-term lecturers responsible for a course or a teaching module concerning the courses belonging to the Council, as well as by a student representation.


Each Department has a Joint Committee made up of lecturers at the University who provide teaching or modules on the courses of study overseen by the Department, as well as students enrolled on such courses. The Joint Committee:

  • monitors the educational programme, the quality of teaching and the services offered to students by professors and assistant professors;
  • identifies the criteria for evaluating the results of such activities;
  • formulates an opinion on the creation and closure of courses of study;
  • formulates an opinion on the system and on the regulation of courses of study;
  • expresses an opinion on the suitability of the number of credits allocated to educational activities in accordance with the educational objectives set out by the teaching system;
  • expresses an opinion on the overall number of teaching positions on courses of study;
  • produces an annual document evaluating educational activities and communicates this to the Academic Senate, to the Quality Committee and to the Evaluation Committee;
  • fulfils all the other duties allocated to it by the relevant legislation and by the University general regulations.

School of Medicine and Surgery Joint Committee 

Representatives of the lecturers

Antonio Biagio Torsello – President

Alessandra Bulbarelli

Biagio Eugenio Leone

Antonella Nespoli

Fabrizio Luppi

Student representatives

Andrea Paleari – Vice President

Giacomo Beccaria

Elisa Cioffi

Marta Roca

Benedicta Afua Sanoos

In order to pursue its teaching and scientific objectives, the University undertakes healthcare and welfare activities.
The University avails itself of specific agreements and conventions which regulate the relationships between the Departments in question and public or private health and social care facilities, in order to ensure the broadest and most comprehensive education for students and the specialisation and the continuing professional development of doctors, non-medical graduates, healthcare professionals and all those who operate in the healthcare area.

These agreements and conventions may not include obligations which compromise the University’s institutional activities and they must guarantee the inseparability of the welfare functions and of the teaching and research functions of lecturers in clinical fields.

In order to meet the specific educational needs in the healthcare system, the University signs agreements with qualified entities, in accordance with the content of the University's general Regulations.